being a fuckbuddy is about all i’m good for at this point in my life


Calum’s ghost encounter (x/x/x/x/x)


oh my god kill me literally i’m sitting w my “friends” and they’re just talking like i’m not here and then tomorrow i’ll bet you both of them will come to me seperately to bitch and complain about how insufferable the other is like they always do
stop being friends you guys hate each other it’s driving me insane

sorry for my inactivity lately i’ll be more active once i’m settled into the new schoolyear

i’m 20 please shoot me

@ iphone 5s peeps: have u updated to ios 8 yet and if so how is it

i just want to sleep :///

p sure i’ve driven everyone away who would give a single fuck if i’ve had a bad summer so like

what’s the point