Anonymous: hi, can you help me please? do you know the name of the song starting at 20:46?.youtube. com/watch?v=Ps9X3BQh6EQ

i don’t no :(


hello ! gonna be uploading the behind-the-scenes video for ‘Amnesia’ in the next few hours :D

DRUM LESSONS with huke lemmings

We don’t do mornings so good…

What happens backstage

What happens backstage




Family: *says something racist*
Family: *says something sexist*
Family: *says something homophobic*
Family: *makes fun of people with tattoos*
Family: *tells you why you’re bad at life*
Family: why don’t you wanna spend time with us?

Everyday Objects Made Unusable by Giuseppe Colarusso


Derek pulls Parrish aside and asks him if burning alive hurt the entire time or if he went numb so he can know if his family suffered during the fire.